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Make your own homemade cooking oils

Take the empty wine bottles to make your own flavored homemade salad dressings.

Buy a few fresh herbs – rosemary, thyme, dill, taragon, etc. and place them inside the bottles. Don’t mix the herbs put only one herb in different bottles. Combine a few striped new garlic flavors and nuts. Next pour olive oil or vinegar to fill the bottle. Fried chiles and peppercorns also make a super spicey chile oil. Put the cork is also a good idea to collect all those nice flavours in the bottle.

Water Pitcher
This one is pretty obvious, but charming nonetheless. Just clean a bottle thoroughly, remove the label if you like, and fill with fresh water. I think colorless bottles look the nicest in this application.

A bottle takes up less room on the dinner table than a pitcher, looks nice and gives you a bit of bistro ambience. In fact, we had a very nice dinner at Bistro M in Windsor recently and they were using wine bottles in exactly this way.

Vinegar and Oil
We make our own vinegar at home from leftover wine. It’s better tasting than most of the stuff we could buy in stores and it’s free from artificial additives. Empty wine bottles are a great way to store the vinegar. We don’t pasteurize our vinegar, so we seal it tightly and refrigerate it. Pasteurized vinegar you can just keep in the cupboard.

On a similar note, some of our favorite high-quality olive oil comes in large metal containers. Those aren’t practical to use on a daily basis. We pour it into 375ml wine bottles which are just the right size for easy pouring. They don’t take up much space in the cupboard or on the counter either. Olive oil doesn’t like sunlight, so green or brown bottles are the best ones to use.

Candle holders

I have used beer bottles and others smaller ones for candle holders. I’m sure it will work for Wine bottles, too. Just buy some taper candles or use ones you already have. Take a knife or something and cut chunks off the bottom until they will fit in the hole. Then I tie some sort of fabric scrap around the neck and sit either by themselves or in groups.

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